Service Cancellation Request

While we hate to see you go, Eight Hats will always work to ensure that you have all relevant information and access to your website.

Once a cancellation request is received, Eight Hats will remove all of its plugins, and licenses from the website.
A list of any of licenses that will need to be purchased and any relevant accounts will be provided to you.
The files for the website itself will be packed up and provided to your company.

Website Migrations

If additional technical services are required to migrate your website to another web hosting service,
additional fees will be charged based on the service time required to complete a migration.

Domain Name Transfers

Any domain names that were acquired on your behalf will be transferred to a domain name management of your choice
after any costs for that domain name have been paid to Eight Hats.

Cancellation Request Form


Do you require additional assistance in migrating the website to a new hosting service?(Required)
Additional service fees required.
Do you need a backup of your website?(Required)
Additional service fees required.
Do you require any domain names transferred?(Required)
Additional costs for the domain name must be paid before the transfer is complete.