White Labeling for Agency Partners

Services Available for White Labeling

Full Helpdesk Branding

Save money by utilizing our helpdesk to serve your customers, while still keeping your brand front and center.

Analytics Dashboard

Demonstrate your technical knowledge with a customized analytics dashboard featuring your logo.

Website Backend

Login Screens, Admin Dashboards, and more can be made to show you or your Client’s brand.


Our reports, delivered monthly, include web traffic stats, uptime reports, maintenance updates, and more.

Hide or Rename Plugins

Keep your tools of the trade protected, or rename them to suit your Agency.

Email Notifications

When a notification hits your client’s inbox, you can make your name acts as a badge of authenticity.

Why White Label Our Services?

You can take fully advantage of

Premium Support

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Faster Response Times

Our service desk system means that when your client reaches out, they have a response as soon as possible. Our most frequently received compliment is “Wow you guys are fast!”

Reduced Downtime

Our proactive approach to website maintenance ensures that your client’s website is fully protected against the constant changes on the web and the stain that places on their website.¬†

Questions Answered

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Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

Get the benefit of dedicated servers without paying the price tag. Our premium hosting provides all the features you need, and lightning fast speed.

SSL Certificates for Every Site

Staging and Development Environments

Automated Daily Backups

Optimized Content Delivery Network (CDN)


Agency White Labeled Services

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