Eight Hat’s Agency support helps agencies retain their customers through addressing these pain points head on and eliminating the three reasons why good clients leave good marketing agencies.

1. Something they perceive as simple takes way too long to complete.

2. Something they perceive as simple is way too expensive.

3. Lack of attention to web tech leads to failures and pokes holes in that warm and fuzzy full service feeling.


Security and Software Maintenance

Why us and not more staff?
This isn’t a chore. This isn’t an interruption. This is what we do. – Most agencies can’t say the same for there digital team.

  • Happy Techs equals Happy support
  • We monitor the shit out of websites.
  • Scalable costs
  • Diverse knowledge base of expertise and experience


What we propose?

Individual Website Service Contracts
Service contracts for individual sites that include our monitoring and reporting service.

Partner Program
A workflow for on-demand digital requests that is co-branded. A place where customers can make requests and report issues.

  • Centralize support
  • Quick response times and active communication
  • Account Execs can monitor and jump in
  • Customers still feel like they are being taken care of by BBR.
  • Offer customer education
  • Resources

Retained time

Good customer service is loud and quite.
It’s both active communication early and often, and it’s also making sure things run smoothly in the background without a worry.

Eight Hats is branding itself as web resource for businesses. Sell our service contracts as a 3rd party service.

  • Bundle pricing in with existing retainers
  • Create a digital support workflow that lets you breath but also

In short we’ve been offering service contracts that include maintenance updates.

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